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MAXI Downloads

The MAXI images are so large (65GB) that direct downloads and Bittorrent are no longer feasable. Debian only provides Jigdo files for downloading its Blu-ray and double sided Blu-ray images. So Copyleft also uses Jigdo for its even larger MAXI images.

What is jigdo?
Jigsaw Download. The Jigdo and template files are downloaded. Jigdo is then pointed at a Debian mirror and the required software packages downloaded into the template. As the jigdo and template files are about 1% of the total image they take up little room on a server. However, jigdo will have to download about 65GB of packages from a Debian mirror. The new image checksum is identical to the original.
Examples of suitable mirror sites are:-

Setting up Jigdo
Jigdo-lite will need to be installed and set up. Please NOTE that the Copyleft Jigdo file AND Jigdo template will have to be downloaded into the same directory.
Debian Jigdo howto

The jigdo files can be downloaded here.

Download 32 bit MAXI.
Download 64 bit MAXI.
Download 32 bit MAXI - FLOSS version.
Download 64 bit MAXI - FLOSS version.
Download 32 bit DVD Stick.
Download 64 bit DVD Stick.
Download md5sums.

Download times
Based on a good ADSL2+ connection.

Jigdo files   10 sec.
MAXI Templates   10-15 min
FLOSS Templates   1 min
Packages from mirror   15-20 hours

Jigdo will take over an hour to check the mirror before downloading ~~MAXI.