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The Helpful Page

Introduction to Linux.

A video giving a history of Linux for its 20TH ANNIVERSARY

A history of Linux (60 min) The Code

A history of Linux (85 min) RevolutionOS

For a more detailed version see Wikipedia's history of Linux

Go here for a simple description of Linux.

An IBM Linux commercial. The Heist


Linux is free/libre
Free software is "do what you like with it software".
This is achieved by
1. Copyrighting the software to prevent others copyrighting it.
2. Using a copyright licence that lets people do what they want with the software.
There are several licences that do this and these are called Copyleft licences. "Copyleft, all Rights Reversed".
The preamble to the General Public Licence describes this. GPL version 3

Getting Information and help.

There are a number of Linux User Groups (LUGS) thoughout New Zealand which you can join. Linux users are a friendly lot and remember that experts were once novices.
NZ National

Linux distributions have their own online help pages. These are of a high standard. Here are some examples.

Hardware and Software
If you have questions about GNU/Linux and hardware you could start here but the distribution help pages would be more up to date.

Learning about GNU/Linux

Downloadable Books
20 of the best free Linux books compiled by Linux links.
Remember GOOGLE is your friend.

If you are interested in promoting Free Software the NZ Open Source Society will interest you.


Free/Libre Open Source Software