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Copyleft custom Debian products.

These products are offered in the i386 (32 bit) and amd64 (64 bit) architectures.

~~ MAXI Stick
A usb stick based installation and maintenance system.
MAXI stick contains the whole debian archive on a 64GB usb stick. The FLOSS version is fuctionally equivalent to the 13 DVD Official Debian disc set. The standard stick has additionally non-free, deb-multimedia and the extra firmware.
The smaller DVD stick is DVD size and is loaded onto a 8GB stick and contains main, contrib, non-free and the extra firmware.
For more info see MAXI-FAQ   Recommended.
To order see the order forms
Download the jigdo files from here

Debian Update 8.x.x
3 DVD set for updating a system between point releases. eg from Debian 8.6 to 8.7.

Copyleft Non-Free.
All the non-free, contrib and Deb-multimedia packages are included in Copyleft Non-Free DVD. This disc should be scanned in the normal way when making the installation. This disc works flawlessly with aptitude and synaptic enabling the non-free and contrib deb-multimedia packages to be installed. Most of the non-free and contrib packages are to be found at the tail end of the disc sets.

Copyleft Plus CD and DVD
These are custom first CDs and DVDs that include non-free kernel drivers. These are drop in replacements for the first disc of the Official sets. The CD is recommended for a net-install and the DVD is recommended for a single disc installation.

To order see the order forms

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